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The Legal System is
No Place
For the Unwary



When a child's welfare is at stake, navigating the Court process without a guide is like riding a white water river in a wooden rowboat without oars.   Parents and children need expert guidance and direction in the legal system.   Be it advocacy for a parent who is protecting a child, the child or the accused, Child Abuse Forensic Institute (CAFI) has access to experienced independent associates throughout the country to handle all aspects of a child abuse court case.



  1. To reduce the degree of trauma to families wherein child abuse allegations have surfaced.

  2. To provide referral to professional legal and forensic services to families involved in child abuse allegations.

  3. To develop and maintain a network of the most proficient professionals in the field of child abuse.


  • ADVOCACY:  Referral attorneys will provide legal counsel regarding the potential for civil litigation and advocacy for filing a criminal complaint or dependency, if appropriate.  Representation is available in all aspects of allegations, including, but not limited to, dependency, family law, guardian ad litem, amicus, criminal law, and personal injury.

  • RESOURCE AND REFERRAL:  Referral associates in the fields of treatment and therapy, clinical evaluation, medical treatment and assessment, and forensic examination, as well as expert testimony, are available to assists in whatever capacity is required.

  • EXPERT INVESTIGATION:  Referral investigators provide analytical direction and direct services to gather and review information, as well as court testimony as percipient or expert witnesses.

  • TRAINING:  Independent trainers prepare and conduct comprehensive courses on topical subjects and state-of-the-art practices employed throughout the country in related fields.


If you are:

  1. A parent seeking assistance for a child;

  2. A child abuse survivor who needs advice or litigation support;

  3. Someone who's unable to obtain attention of help for an allegation of child abuse from:

    • The criminal justice system;

    • The social services system;

    • The family courts;

    • Victim/Witness Services;

  4. An attorney, judge, clinician, or agency official, seeking expert advice and direction in cases of child physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect.

For more information, or to discuss ways CAFI might be of assistance to you:

Phone: (831) 372 9511